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Esports Experiences for Everyone

Birthdays & Private Parties

We offer a unique private party service for kids and adults, youth camps, boys and girls clubs, schools, corporations, non-profit organizations, fundraisers and more.

Online Tournaments

From small groups to thousands of participants, we handle all aspects of esports event planning & execution, and for a variety of popular game titles including Fortnite & Valorant.

Collegiate Competitions

To address the needs of college esports teams, we built a competitive platform from the ground up that focuses on student’s needs and objectives.

Seasonal & Youth Leagues

Using our in-house platform developed over many years, players and teams can compete over weeks or months, not unlike a traditional sports season, culminating in playoffs and finals.

Live Stream Broadcasting

Real-time, live streaming of your events with game commentary/analysis and custom branded in-game overlays, on a variety of platforms including Twitch.

On-brand Content & Marketing

We can develop and run an effective campaign that features themes & motifs that fall within the parameters of your brand identity while simultaneously appealing to gamers.

Gaming Events to Engage Your Audience

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event productions

Tournament Process


Free Consultation

We answer your questions and make recommendations on how to best deliver an esports tournament per your requirements.



Once you've approved our proposal, we design your project using our own development process & methodology.



Our team of experts delivers a curated experience for your audience. Whatever you need, we've got it covered.

We're Your Partner in the Esports Industry


The entire team put on a great event. It was very accessible in a grass roots kind of way, but also it was a passion project, by gamers for gamers. I and everyone attending could feel the sincerity.

Jordan 'n0thing' Gilbert

Cloud 9

We were new to the esports world but had a keen interest to get involved. GameSync is hands down the best at what they do - we had a fantastic interaction with them at every turn. They're really knowledgable and eager to serve.

Lisa McKenzie

L.A. County Fair

We had a fantastic activation with GameSync. The turnout was better than expected and we also found ourselves overwhelmed with positive energy and good vibes all around. The tournament itself was riveting!

Justin Smith

Alienware Arena

About Us

You tell us what you’re trying to accomplish, we’ll create the perfect gaming experience. From virtual birthdays, youth groups & after school activities, to large online esports productions, we’ve got it covered.

GameSync Events evolved out of our decades-long experience operating GameSync Esports Center, San Diego’s “Mecca of Gaming” and the first purpose-built arena in our city, as well as GameSync Consulting, serving new center owners Worldwide. We know how to do competitive gaming right.

Not Into Esports Yet? You Should Be.

The global gaming market is nearing $200 billion. There are 220 million Americans that play games. The esports industry reached 250 million monthly viewers from enthusiasts (not casual viewers) in 2020 and is rivaling the NFL.

What you are witnessing is the formation of what will soon become one of the biggest sports in the world. By having us run your esports tournaments, we help you attract the audience and engage the community in a way that would not otherwise be possible.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to put your organization and brand in the spotlight.

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Let us help you organize a party or establish your go-to-market strategy with an esports activation today.

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