Online Video Game Parties!

Virtual Private Gaming Tournaments For All Ages & Skill Levels

Available Worldwide


Kid's Birthdays

For younger age groups, we offer titles such as Fortnite, Minecraft and RoBlox


Adult Events

Play popular mature titles such as Call of Duty, League of Legends, CS:GO & Valorant


Community Groups

Boys & Girls Clubs, YMCA, Recreation Centers, Churches, Youth Groups


Graduations, Bachelor Parties

Gaming competitions for young adult gamers with optional prizes

Online gaming parties are super fun, safe, and can offer essential skills and team-building. From camps and youth groups to kids (including those with special needs), small businesses and after-school organizations, we cater to a limitless variety of customers. 

No matter where you and your group are in the world, we can bring everyone together under one platform. We guide and facilitate the in-game action and make sure everyone has a memorable experience. Your guests will have a blast!

Interact with Live Video

Our party host engages with your group via live video and audio. For example, we:

  • Greet all the players
  • Explain the game rules and player procedures
  • Answer any questions
  • Talk about the game
  • Provide fun challenges
  • Announce winners and calculate prizes (if any) after your event is over

And more!


 Birthday / Private Party Online Gaming

Participate in our virtual events: they’re safe, easy, and tons of fun! We include a game host, a private chat server, and optional live streaming, event casting and Twitch clipping. 

As we move toward a virtual world where remote events become the norm, we provide everything a group of gamers would love. Cooperative or competitive, kids or adults, we know games!

Free Technical Support Included

We’re available to assist before the start of your event to ensure every person is connected and ready to go!

Selected Features:

The most popular games & platforms

We host a variety of titles from kid-friendly favorites like Minecraft and Fortnite to popular esports choices such as League of Legends, Valorant, Call of Duty and CS:GO. We support all platforms: PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, VR & mobile gaming.

Experienced game host

We offer a talented party organizer that interacts with the participants, sets up the game rules, monitors the fun, and provides first-class service from start to finish.

Esports tournament organization

We take decades-long experience from our professional esports event services and channel it into your party. We can provide rules, player procedures, and an event process to keep your games elevated, engaging and a blast to play in!

Unlimited technical support leading up to your event

Party members can email or call us for any technical help or setup questions. We’ll even be available in our chat lobby for an hour prior to the start to ensure the onboarding process goes as smoothly as possible.

All ages and skill levels welcome

Our hosted events are inclusive and open, even to those who may not be skilled in the game. For expert player groups, we can ramp up the challenge to your specifications.

A New Way to Play

Utilizing our expert game host and a private, cloud based chat, we bring friends together in a safe, private, virtual party space where they can play together. We set up the rules, orchestrate sessions, moderate group chat, and can even broadcast the event for others to watch live and replay later.  All participants join remotely from any location using their own equipment & games.

How many simultaneous players can join?

Our packages start at up to 15 players (perfect for a Fortnite custom lobby) and scale from there. We can even run 100 player Battle Royale events!

How long is the party?

We have different options depending on your budget and needs. Our most popular package lasts 3 hours. We additionally provide a free hour before your event for any live technical support.

Do players need their own gear?

Yes. Since this is a virtual event, each player will need to provide their own gaming hardware, games, and have internet access at their location.

What is Twitch streaming and why would I want it? is a platform where you can live stream games and people can watch and interact with you on your channel. While hosting your game, we can simultaneously capture what’s happening on screen and broadcast it around the world! We even have a production team to offer live, play-by-play commentary – this helps viewers understand what is going on and makes it more entertaining. We can create real-time clips of memorable plays – these links can then be shared on social media or with friends. We can even put a custom overlay on top of the game, featuring graphics and text of your choosing (for example, mentioning a graduation or someone’s birthday).

The entire broadcast can be saved and re-watched later.

What type of groups do you support?

Any you can imagine! For example: birthday parties, private parties, graduations, group events (including large format with hundreds of simultaneous players), charitable fundraisers/donations, corporate team-building and entertainment, promotional/marketing/contests, educational, summer camps, kids clubs, churches, &  much more!

I don't live in the USA. Can I order a party?

Yes! We support customers globally. We have requirements for certain countries – contact us for more details. 

Benefits of Virtual Parties

  • Hassle free: no mess to clean up, no destination to drive your group to, no on-site damage or liability risks
  • Less expensive: save money vs. renting a facility
  • Safer: no need to watch over your children
  • Geo-unrestricted: available to friends everywhere
  • Streamed: games can be shown to a live audience and moments can be shared and re-watched later
  • Unique: we are the only online party & event organizer with this set of features and capabilities
  • Legit: our popular service is by gamers, for gamers

What You Get

  • A wide selection of games
  • Individual or co-op play
  • Experienced event host/facilitator
  • Technical support and set-up assistance including live help prior to the start of your event
  • Private cloud chat server
  • Secure, safe connection
  • Cross-platform play on popular titles like Fortnite
  • Virtual framed photo of all players together in-game
  • Optional post-event experience: awarding of prizes and custom designed winner’s graphic with gamer’s tags, published on social media with shout-outs.

How It Works


Book Online

Order your party using our easy form: choose a package, game(s), number of players, date/time, desired length and any options.


Register Players

Include a link to our registration form in your invitations (or we can do it) so that each participant will be set up for the event.

Game Day

We’ll do the rest and deliver an unforgettable virtual party tournament  experience!

2 Hour Starter Package

Our most affordable option with a private chat server, in-game coach and moderation, cross-platform game play for up to 15 players.


More Details

About this package: our most popular birthday party title is Fortnite. As a private, custom creative lobby will hold a maximum of 15 players (plus our game host), we have set this package to that amount of participants.  We offer different activities such as: Zone Wars, Hide and Seek, Simon Says, obstacle courses, and more. Additionally, we can create a map within the lobby and then play in it together. We can run various kinds of free for all or team tournaments (for example 1v1, 2v2, 3v3 or 4v4). Optional prizes can be offered to the winners.

You may also choose other game modes as desired, such as Battle Royale last-man-standing. 

3 Hour Pro Package

Supports 25 simultaneous players for bigger group games such as Fortnite Battle Royale, and longer game time, plus custom maps & lobbies.


More Details

All of the features included in the two hour package plus the ability to run private Battle Royale games using our custom creator code. Groups of 25 players can be added on to this package to support up to 100 simultaneous participants in Fortnite.

3 Hour Elite Package

For esports players: single and double elimination brackets and true tournament-style play with optional live stream broadcasting and in-game commentary.


More Details

We can broadcast your event live to stream platforms like to allow viewers to watch and interact with a game caster, who will commentate on the play-by-play action. The entire stream can be exported to YouTube to re-watch at any point in the future.

Still Have Questions?

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