GameSync Discord Server

Join our hosted birthdays, group events or esports tournaments using the Discord communications platform.

  1. We recommend you download the app for your computer or phone (or use any web browser).
  2. Create an account using your preferred online name.
  3. Click here to accept our invitation: If using a phone app, tap +, tap Join a server & enter

Optional: you will be put in channel #choose-games-roles where you can “react” to the post there by tapping/clicking on popular games. This will auto-tag you with roles that have special features on our server.

    HELP: how to access Discord

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    Web Browser

    1. Open any web browser (for example: Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari). Click on the address bar at the top and type in Press enter. (Alternatively, you can Google search for “Discord”).

    Click on “Open Discord in your browser” as seen below:

    2. Click on the field “Enter a username” and type in your desired username. Click the arrow button.

    3. Enter Birthday. 

    IMPORTANT: If a player is under 13, a parent will need to create the account using the parent’s birth date. 

    Click “Next”

    4. Click on “Have an invite already? Join a server”

    5. Click on the field under Invite Link. Type in and click on Join

    6. Click on “Start here: choose your favorite games!”

    7.  In order to move forward, you will need to verify your account by “Claiming your account”.
    – Enter a valid email address
    – Choose a password
    – Click on Claim Account

    8. React to any of the games you play to be notified of upcoming tournaments or events.

    Note: Be sure to verify your account via email in order to send messages in our Discord Server.

    (Note: The image below is located on the upper left corner of the web page).

    Click on #general-chat and feel free to introduce yourself! 

    Make connections, join discussions, and have fun!

    (Note: the image below is located on the upper right  corner of the web page). 

    If you have any questions, feel free to ask KanuGameSync or Agragati on the list of logged in users:

    – Right click on their name

    – Left click on message

    – Type into field and we will reply promptly

    Windows PC
    1. Download Windows desktop app by browsing to this website: 

    This page is still being developed. More steps coming soon! 🙂 


    This page is still being developed. Coming soon! 🙂

    Apple iPhone

    This page is still being developed. Coming soon! 🙂

    Apple macOS

    This page is still being developed. Coming soon! 🙂