On-Site Tournament

Minecraft Competitive / Event 2019

Free Minecraft tournament at Fleet Week San Diego. Players would try to collect as many resources they can for 15 minutes. A point scoring system was used to determine the winners.  The players had goals to reach for to score points in the 15 minute timed frame, for example: The Five Main Tools, Upgrading those tools, Crafting table, Furnace, Storage Chest, Built house, Mine shift, Minecraft advancements, etc.). The top scoring players from each 15 minute round could go on to the next bracket if they chose to do so.  After ten rounds the top players can play again vs each other. There was no player vs. player fighting but Communication Collaboration, and Cooperation were allowed and encouraged (for example: trading of resources, helping other players, etc.) Extra points were awarded to the players for any of these actions.